How do you obtain a WeChat ACCESS_TOKEN certificate from

The problem sometimes is it’s hard to find the AppID or what exactly the secret is.

Account Types

Essentially we have 2 types of accounts, subscription and service. Subscription account only gives you access to the Message API which allows for receiving messages and autoresponses and allows you to broadcast to your users once a day. Subscription accounts are also grouped in a category in your contacts under subscription.

Verified Account

All VERIFIED accounts gives you an APP ID and APP SECRET which allows you to generate an access token which is needed for pretty much all the other API’s apart from the Message API.

Service / Subscription Accounts

A service account displays in the user’s contact list under the main chats in between all your other normal contacts. You can only broadcast to each of your users once a week on a service account.

If you have a verified account you will get the APP ID and APP SECRET from -> login -> developer -> Just under your token you will see the APP ID and APP SECRET

To see what type of account you have go to -> login and then look at the top right of the screen next to your account name you will see your account name and just above that it will either say subscription account or service account.

If you want to test all the API’s I recommend going to the developer sandbox environment where you get full access to all the API’s: Chinese Sandbox

Please note your number needs to be in the international format so 072 111 2233 you have to enter as +27721112233