How do I find friends?

There are various ways you can find and connect with your friends on WeChat:

  • Search through your mobile contacts and add your friends. To do this tap on “+” in the top right-hand corner of your WeChat window > tap on “Add Contacts” > tap on “Mobile & Other Contacts” > Tap on “Mobile Contacts” – and scroll through and add all your friends in your mobile list.
  • You can also add friends via their WeChat ID. All you have to do is tap on “+” > tap on “Add Contacts” > type and search your friend’s WeChat ID – and add them!
  • You can also find people nearby to add and talk to. To add friends like this simply tap “Discover” > tap on “People Nearby” – and greet and add the friends you wish to chat to.
  • You can also tap on “Me” > tap on “Privacy” > tap on “Find Mobile Contacts” – and this will find all friends in your address book from your phone. The “Add Mobile Contacts” will automatically add friends on WeChat when you have their number in your phone’s address book.
  • If you find that friends can not find you on WeChat by just searching for your mobile number, tap on “Me” > tap on “Privacy” > tap on “Find Me by Phone No.” and ensure this is enabled.