Error: Official account services unavailable. Try again later

Not getting a response on Official Account when the user sends in a message.

Timeouts and Common Messages

Currently WeChat will hit your developer URL after a user sends in a message to your Official Account. However sometimes the app takes longer than 5 seconds to send the message and get a response from your developer URL due to latency from Hong Kong to your server location. This 5 second timeout is there to ensure that Official Account services are always optimized.

Customer Service API (Push Messages)

If your servers / latency becomes a problem we recommend you respond using the Customer Service API. This allows you to respond to a user who has interacted with the OA in the last 48 hours. In other words if the user has sent a message or clicked a menu item in your official account in the last 48 hours you can send them any message you want. You can then avoid the 5 second timeout problem by just responding with a blank XML document once a user sends a message to your official account. This will ensure the error “Official account services unavailable. Try again later” does not show to the end-user as WeChat received a response from your server.

You can then generate an ACCESS TOKEN¬†and send the user a push message immediately. This process seems the same from the end-user’s perspective but ensures responses to messages even if the latency is too high.