Sharing Your Favourite Content on WeChat

Your day-to-day life is filled with exciting, sentimental, shareable moments, so why not share them, right? Right.

WeChat not only allows you to chat with friends on a one-to-one basis, like ordinary instant messaging services but allows you to share content with friends, family and, of course, bae.

Share with your Contacts and Group Chats

Just had to snap that fail? Take a video of that unbelievable goal? Share your location so coffee with a bestie’s a synch or a name card so contacts are easily findable? All this and more is available at the touch of a button in a one-on-one or group chat – just click the plus button “+” located at the bottom of your screen.

By doing this, you’ll also have access to being able to share Stickers, get access to your Favourites, be able to Video Call or Voice Chat for FREE.

Share 1st ImageMoments
Now, when you’re done sharing all those fails and must-see-sunsets with your bestie – make the circle bigger! Moments is YOUR timeline of all your contacts’ standout moments whether a photo of their graduation, a Sight of them skydiving or their favourite tracks. Articles and Official Account content such as quizzes are welcome and sharable, too. This is your go-to to keep up with… no, not them 😉 – your friends and family!

Share 2nd Image

Official Accounts

If you’re looking for something to do, keep you entertained, busy or informed, Official Accounts have you covered ranging from business-centric accounts such as Wall Street Journal or Money4Jam, to live-streaming via CliffCentral, quizzes through Idols SA or articles shared by News 24, there’s literally something for everyone and to make it better – sharing your favourite content’s SO easy.

Just tap, hold and forward to a contact, group chat, Moments or save to your Favourites for later!

Share 3rd Image

With a multitude of things and ways to share, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. Sharing is caring. 😉