Which Group Chat Friend Are You?

If you’ve ever chatted in a group chat, you’ll know that there are a couple of clear-cut stereotypes. Which one fits YOUR personality?

1. The professional organiser

This is the person who created the group. This person means business and wants to know ALL the details of your weekend plans, upcoming party or project, right now and all the time. Seriously, “any update?”.


2. The message-skimmer

This is the person who often posts something entirely unrelated or embarrassing, proclaiming “oops, wrong chat!”. This is also the person who never scrolls up and is constantly asking what’s going on. In fact, this person has about 57 unread notifications, daily, and responds, mainly to clear these.

3. The 1-on-1 conversationalist

This person picks one person to converse with and ONLY chats with them. “How’s the baby?”, “Remember last night? OMG! So funny!” or “Yeah, Greg. Hate that guy.” Normally you have no clue what they’re on about – Who’s Greg? What happened last night? And most of all, why aren’t you chatting to each other directly?


4. The random

The random’s a particularly interesting asset, yes, asset, of any group chat. This person usually says nothing and lurks in the background. Most of the time, nobody knows who this person is: “I thought *you* invited him?” Sometimes you can see them typing something but they never post their message and if someone has a question related to the topic at hand, they’ll be the first to explain it to you in detail.

5. The one who can’t take it anymore

You know this person. The person who wants out. The person who takes a group chat as a personal offense against them: “I mean, WHY would you send so many messages??? Don’t you people ever shut up?”


6. The troll

This person only posts memes or incredibly niche responses to fairly general statements or questions. More often than not these responses are sarcastic and condescending. This person might as well be the Internet.

7. The one who’s practically an emoji

??? ??!!! Did you get that? Neither did we. You know this person, too. This person only types in emoji’s. They’re also likely to have bad grammar.


8. The night-owl

This person never, ever, replies, except at night. Need them during the day? Don’t bother. Need them at night, however? Refer to no. 10.

9. The one who speaks about everything – except the topic at hand

The topic’s set to “Alan’s 25th”. This person speaks about studies, last night’s party, the latest gossip, and Greg. Basically anything that’s not Alan or his 25th. The organiser hates this person. Hates.


10. The one who only speaks in tidal waves… of messages

This person missed the live conversation *or* is so into the live conversation that they. can’t. stop. sending. messages. Want to say something? Sorry, you’ll have to wait until Kat has had her say. She’ll be done in about 20 messages. This person is also normally the night owl because they missed the live conversation.